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Transforming Vicarious Trauma: A discussion about LEAPís training curriculum with creator Greg Merrill, LCSW

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Welcome and Introduction (00:00-1:00)
Dr. Leigh Kimberg, Executive Director of LEAP, introduces her guest Greg Merrill, LCSW, who developed LEAPís training curriculum on vicarious traumatization

Defining vicarious traumatization (2:08-3:56)
What is vicarious traumatization, and how does it affect care providers?

Experiencing ďtraumaís emotional wakeĒ in the healthcare setting (3:57-5:33)
How are healthcare providers vulnerable to vicarious traumatization?

Understanding the significance of vicarious traumatization (6:43-9:27)
Greg Merrill shares his personal experience with developing an awareness of vicarious trauma, and an understanding of how to cope with it in his own life.

LEAPís training objectives (11:12-12:38)
What should training participants take away from the experience?

The Mindfulness Exercise (14:28-17:46)
Description of the self-assessment exercise in LEAPís training curriculum.

Review of LEAPís training curriculum (18:20-21:47)
Descriptions of each item in LEAPís vicarious traumatization training curriculum.

  • Item 1: Facilitating Discussion About Vicarious Trauma Ė ďTraining the TrainersĒ (18:20)
  • Item 2: Training Guide for Instructors (19:01)
  • Item 3: Self-Care for Caregivers PowerPoint Presentation (20:22)
  • Item 4: Tips for Self-Care (20:46)
  • Item 5: Training Evaluation Form (21:40)

Individualizing LEAPís curriculum (21:47-25:11)
Greg Merrill shares examples of how he adapted and personalized LEAPís training materials.

Wrap up (25:12-26:11)
How to contact LEAP with your comments and questions.